Solar Power

This is how your business can experience the benefits of solar power:

  1. Free initial consultation
    • Learn more about CDIF Solar and the process involved
    • Make sure the businesses are a good fit and will work well together
  2. Financial Modelling
    • Assess the last 12 months of the business’s energy invoices to determine if value can be added to both parties
    • Develop a Demand Profile for assessment
  3. Contract agreement
    • CDIF Solar funds the solar system, installation and commissioning of the system
    • Contracts timeframe is based on consumption
    • Charged monthly on an agreed “cents per kilowatt hour” rate
  4. Application to local energy provider
    • Cost dependent on the size of the system
  5. CDIF Solar contracts out the design, installation and commissioning of the system.
    • CDIF Solar manage all applications with the relevant authorities
    • Communication with the customer is continuous during this step
  6. The system is turned on/goes live and cost savings begin!

The client continues to receive an energy bill from their respective retailer and a secondary invoice is provided by CDIF Solar on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on client needs.

The contract will determine how the client is charged. No ongoing monthly fees or charges is stated along with the frequency of invoicing. The annual electricity price increases are aligned with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). CDIF Solar has appropriate insurances in place to protect the client and the installation. The contract includes a buy-back clause based on an agreed term and price.

6 steps to savings


Initial consultation


Pre-assessment of 1 year of energy usage


Client approves the agreement


CDIF Solar seeks approval from energy provider for approval to install


CDIF Solar manages the design and installation of the system


Solar is ‘turned on’/ goes live and cost savings begin!

Solar Facts

*The above figures are based on previous financial modelling. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments can go up and down.