About CDIF Solar

CDIF Solar is 100 percent owned by the Capricorn Diversified Investment Fund (CDIF) and managed by The Investment Collective. A financial services business located in Central Queensland.

CDIF was renamed as CDIF in 2010, the fund itself was originally called Capricorn Infrastructure and Property Fund, and it was created in 2008. The aim of the fund is to provide consistent returns to unitholders with less volatility than the market. CDIF Solar was developed to assist CDIF with reducing volatility through stable cash flows.

6 steps to savings


Initial consultation


Pre-assessment of 1 year of energy usage


Client approves the agreement


CDIF Solar seeks approval from energy provider for approval to install


CDIF Solar manages the design and installation of the system


Solar is ‘turned on’/ goes live and cost savings begin!

Solar Facts

*The above figures are based on previous financial modelling. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments can go up and down.