Are you a small business interested in solar but can’t afford the up-front costs? We are here to help.

Using solar power can, as an accompaniment to your supply of electricity, reduce expenses for your business.

The upfront costs of a solar installation is the primary reason why businesses don’t take advantage of solar electricity sooner. Provided our financial modelling indicates that there is a benefit to both parties, CDIF Solar will take on the upfront costs for the infrastructure required to provide you with solar electricity. CDIF Solar finances the solar power system, however, it is placed on the business customer’s property.

Yes, that’s right, there are no upfront costs for our business customers.

As a business, you will receive a competitive rate for your solar power electricity. You will be charged for what you use over the life of your contract. Savings are dependent on each individual business and premises, but can be significant.

CDIF Solar has an authorised exemption from the Australian Energy Retailer

CDIF Solar can help our business customers save on their current energy costs, contact CDIF to find out how.

6 steps to savings


Initial consultation


Pre-assessment of 1 year of energy usage


Client approves the agreement


CDIF Solar seeks approval from energy provider for approval to install


CDIF Solar manages the design and installation of the system


Solar is ‘turned on’/ goes live and cost savings begin!

Solar Facts

*The above figures are based on previous financial modelling. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investments can go up and down.